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Thursday, November 02, 2006

technorati tags on blogger beta

here's a how-to add technorati tags to your blogger beta. you can replace blogger's own labels or just add another tags to existing one. so that your users can easily find other blog with same tag.

  • go to your blogger beta dashboard
  • go to 'Template' and choose 'Edit HTML'
  • click on 'Expand Widget Templates'
  • find this line and make the change:
as you can see, the blue lines is copied from the black with some modification which i marked with red.

updated: i cant manage to publish html code in blogger beta, so you can click here to see the code.

the result you can see on DoIT (Denny on IT), my other blog.


Nic said...

Im not sure about this code... i couldnt find any similar code in my template, then entered the code in anyways where i thought was relevant but came back with no tags attached after "Technorati Tags:"... any advice??

dennyhalim.com said...

sorry i forgot to detail one step, that is, click on 'Expand Widget Templates' to find the code i mention.

please try again.

carlos paulo said...

sorry, denny,

I just tested your code and it worked fine - the thing is, I wasn't expecting technorati tags to be the same as the labels. what's the point of it?

I don't consider labels the same thing as tags, therefore, i need them to be different.

anyway, thanks for the code.

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