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Monday, November 13, 2006

Socialize Your Blogger Beta

Here's a how-to add social bookmarks links to your blogger beta so your readers can easily digg your articles.

i'll try to make it easy to follow steps:

  • go to your blogger beta template and choose 'Edit HTML'
  • click on 'Expand Widget Templates'
  • find the code and make the change:
  • watch the blue code is where the change take place.
  • save your template and voila! now your readers can easily bookmark your blog

i hope these steps are quite easy even for beginners with no html knowledge can follow.

thanks to hackospere and vivek for the idea and some code!
you can see my blogger page for the demo

you can see the code here: http://performancing.com/node/4768
i move the post here because we're not encourage to blog on performancing anymore.

update: code moved here.


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