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Thursday, December 14, 2006

symbian quick, easy & free push email alternative

first is to understand what is push email. for users' view, push email is simply mean you dont have to check your email anymore. they just arrive on your mobile. just like the way sms works.

why pay for push email service when you can get something 'similar' for free!?

symbian standard messaging application already support pop3/imap email. you just have to set it up so that it regularly check your email account. you can set from every 5 minutes, up to every 6 hours to check for new email.

for detail, please see the screenshots album here. i will move the screenshots here when i'm not such lazy anymore... :)

for newer symbian apps, there's an IMAP feature called IDLE that can do real and better push mail. if you have the device, i can show you.

if you want security, you can enable ssl. but make sure that you have correct ssl certificate for your domain. otherwise, you will be prompt a warning about invalid certificate. thus, it wont check your email until you confirm the certificate.