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Monday, November 13, 2006

Socialize Your Blogger Beta

Here's a how-to add social bookmarks links to your blogger beta so your readers can easily digg your articles.

i'll try to make it easy to follow steps:

  • go to your blogger beta template and choose 'Edit HTML'
  • click on 'Expand Widget Templates'
  • find the code and make the change:
  • watch the blue code is where the change take place.
  • save your template and voila! now your readers can easily bookmark your blog

i hope these steps are quite easy even for beginners with no html knowledge can follow.

thanks to hackospere and vivek for the idea and some code!
you can see my blogger page for the demo

you can see the code here: http://performancing.com/node/4768
i move the post here because we're not encourage to blog on performancing anymore.

update: code moved here.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

guess how many IM virus this man got infected?

how many IM viruses infected this man's computer? or is it only one virus sending so much junk?

i really dont know and might never know. my pc never get infected by any virus without my knowing. either because i'm on linux on other pc, or my windows pc never use the most targeted apps (ym, msie, msoe, etc. i always use third party apps for IM, email, browsing, etc.) like i suggested.

so, to answer John, i dont have to deal with any virus on my pc at all. :)

i do deal with a lot of viruses on friends and families infected computers. but they rarely do IM online so i rarely deal with any IM virus.

i guess, it'll be same to deal with any virus. me, i have portable clamwin and spybotsd on my flashdisk and get it updated when i need to use it on friends & families infected pc. i also have winpatrol to remove any unneeded startup apps, worms & virus.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

how to put 'Blog This' link on your blogger beta

i am searching for a 'Blog This' links to put on my blogger beta. currently, i only found a link to blog to Yahoo! 360. anyone got links i can use? i want link to wordpress.com, blogger.com and whatever i can find.

the code is here.

update: it's a beta test. so, some links not working yet.
because wordpress.com need to access the subdomain directly, it might be impossible to link directly to wordpress.com. it will need to know the subdomain of wordpress.com to do it.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Review aplikasi j2me gmail

Google baru rilis aplikasi gmail utk hp berbasis java. Bisa download & instal langsung dari hp dgn buka web gmail.com/app
fitur selain baca/tulis/balas email:
- signature email yg sama dgn yg seting yg tersimpan
- akses label gmail
- search, dont sort. Perbedaan utama gmail tdk menggunakan folder utk sortir email tetapi memaximalkan search utk menemukan email yg kita mau
- thread / conversation view. Fitur yg saat ini blm ada pada email laen, dan juga salah satu fitur favorit saya. Menampilkan email dan semua balasan dalam bentuk percakapan seperti forum/newsgroup.

Walaupun sebelumnya gmail bisa diakses dari hp dgn membuka m.gmail.com, tetapi sangat terbatas pada fungsi utama email, yaitu baca, tulis&balas saja dan tdk menampilkan thread view.

- tdk bisa attachment
- harus selalu online
- tdk bisa sync alamat/contact dgn hp seperti yahoo go
- tdk bisa akses alamat yg tersimpan di hp
- terlalu sering menanyakan mau konek dgn akses point yg mana.
- aplikasi java menggunakan memory lebih bnyk daripada aplikasi native symbian

walaupun dari pc tiap hari sy online gmail, tetapi utk akses dari hp sy lbh suka yahoo go yg terintegrasi dgn aplikasi messaging symbian.

Selain itu, tdk bisa attachment sering menyebabkan sy batal menggunakan gmail.
Misal email ini sy attach dgn gambar2 menggunakan yahoo go.

Sehingga, akses gmail dari hp menjadi sekadar cek email aja.

from 3g mobile @ http://dennyhalim.blogspot.com

Thursday, November 02, 2006

technorati tags on blogger beta

here's a how-to add technorati tags to your blogger beta. you can replace blogger's own labels or just add another tags to existing one. so that your users can easily find other blog with same tag.

  • go to your blogger beta dashboard
  • go to 'Template' and choose 'Edit HTML'
  • click on 'Expand Widget Templates'
  • find this line and make the change:
as you can see, the blue lines is copied from the black with some modification which i marked with red.

updated: i cant manage to publish html code in blogger beta, so you can click here to see the code.

the result you can see on DoIT (Denny on IT), my other blog.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the huge big fat bloated fox is out

mozilla firefox 2.0 is launched. will you download it? not me. i still use 1.0.8 in my windows desktop. and 1.5 in my linux is already too bloated for me...