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Thursday, November 09, 2006

guess how many IM virus this man got infected?

how many IM viruses infected this man's computer? or is it only one virus sending so much junk?

i really dont know and might never know. my pc never get infected by any virus without my knowing. either because i'm on linux on other pc, or my windows pc never use the most targeted apps (ym, msie, msoe, etc. i always use third party apps for IM, email, browsing, etc.) like i suggested.

so, to answer John, i dont have to deal with any virus on my pc at all. :)

i do deal with a lot of viruses on friends and families infected computers. but they rarely do IM online so i rarely deal with any IM virus.

i guess, it'll be same to deal with any virus. me, i have portable clamwin and spybotsd on my flashdisk and get it updated when i need to use it on friends & families infected pc. i also have winpatrol to remove any unneeded startup apps, worms & virus.