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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

create a simple & fast diary/blog in windows

this is how i can quickly setup a blog in windows:

  1. open notepad (start-programs-accessories-notepad)
  2. type .LOG at the very beginning of it
  3. save the file as mydiary.log or whatevernameyouwant.log ; make sure it have extension .log
  4. quit notepad
  5. that's it! you got yourself a blog!
whenever you open the file mydiary.log ; notepad will automatically append your current date & time to the 'blog' so that you can start entering whatever you like into it.

you can utilize it as todo list, reminder, or whatever you want to put in it.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

free blog & wiki with your own domain name

you already know about publishing your brain with wiki & blog. now you can also have your own domain name with it.

  • blogspot already give this feature. for free!
  • now, wikidot (afaik) is the only wiki that allow you set your own domain name. no ads, and they even plan to let you put your own ads! example: denny's
so, what are you waiting for! start publish your brain now!