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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Google CSE + del.icio.us + Widgetbox = instant search engine

how long it takes you to build a google custom search engine? few hours? few days?
forget building one CSE. how about build a dozen CSE in minutes!
this only possible utilize my great free search engine widgets.

easy 5 step for an instant CSE

  1. choose a topic / tag you want your CSE build on. it can even your whole del.icio.us links
  2. get the rss from it
  3. paste the rss url into my Google CSE on-the-fly widgetbox
  4. test it. do your search
  5. klik on get widget
  6. there's no number 6. that's it. you got your very own customized search engine.
 few examples:
now. build your own search engines instantly. not one or two.... build a dozen and tell me how long it takes...

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