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Friday, October 06, 2006

computer expansion and connections

right now,
there're many many ways to expand your computers capabilities:

  • old pc use isa card
  • pci card for newer pc
  • pcmcia, or pc-card for short. for laptop. start from type I, II and III.
  • compact flash, the compact size of pc card
  • usb
  • firewire
  • express card, the latest of pc card technology for laptop
and also lots of them for connectivity (data transfer between devices):
  • usb also used to connect devices
  • firewire
  • IDE for harddrives
  • SATA / PATA for newer harddrives
  • SCSI, the old technology that SATA/PATA tries to exceed.
  • Ethernet (LAN)
  • HomePNA
  • HomePlug
  • VGA, AGP, DVI for video
and for wireless connection:
  • irda (infra red)
  • bluetooth
  • wifi / wlan
  • wimax
and, too much more than i can remember...

my dream is, someday, somehow, all these can converge into one great technology without confusing end user...


using same cable, same plug, same connector, same pins, you can plug your mobile phones or your PDA or your printer or hard disks or scanner or monitor or speakers or keyboard or mouse or flash disks or fax or dispensers or refrigerator or mp3/mp4/mpX player or television or audio system or even your brain into it :)

there's one technology that try to accomplish this dream. it's HomePlug:

" Imagine:
Entering your house, you unpack and plug in your newly purchased flat-panel TV. Simply and quickly - the TV automatically connects to the cable box, the DVD player, the Digital Video Recorder, the Home Theatre system, and also to the Internet. "

'almost' close to my dream, aint it...


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